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DAV Media (Drone Aerial Views) is a leading aerial filming company and one of the few UK operators to hold an OSC (Operating Safety Case). This means we can offer our clients a huge range of dynamic aerial filming possibilities in a safe and controlled environment. Whether your requirements are for ground level or filming at height, action shots in congested areas or filming in close proximity to people and crowds, our experience and the latest drone and camera technology ensure we operate safely, professionally and provide quality filming and photography.


We can draw on years of professional experience and have worked on countless projects both in the UK and internationally.


In addition to our CAA OA (Operational Authorisation) We hold an OSC which allows closer, higher & further operations.


We’re extremely proud of our impeccable safety record and operating safely remains our priority in every project we undertake.


We operate the latest drones and filming equipment. Our studio has a full editing suite for post production and film making.


We can take off 5m from people, buildings, vehicles & vessels. Operate at 10m, to 750’ height, in congested areas, & up to 1500m.


For your peace of mind, we hold comprehensive, £10 million liability insurance from specialist drone operations insurers Moonrock.


Some of the projects we are allowed to share are here in our 2021 reel.

From concept and flight planning to filming and post production, everything we do is focused on delivering exceptional quality.

Our state of the art drone and imaging technology enables us to deliver video and still photography that will capture your imagination.

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Here are just some of the recent projects we have worked on


DAV Media is the name to trust for all aspects of aerial filming and photography. The extensive range of professional services we provide includes...


Our services are commissioned by clients from a rich diversity of commercial sectors. Some of our recent projects include work for...

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